What are App Templates?

Fliplet has templates from a few of our most commonly developed apps to help you get started with your own app build. We hope that these templates will inspire you and give you some ideas for creating a great app structure and design. 

Choose any of the templates in the App Gallery and use it as your base for your app. Remember, you can create as many apps as you want within your account in Fliplet Studio, so give all the templates a go to see all the available features. 

As a quick start, you can actually preview and play around with the templates even before choosing one, really making sure you can see how they work. 

Once you’ve chosen your template you’ll be able to: 

  • Change any of the features 

  • Add/remove any of the screens

  • Add different features

  • Add/upload your own content

  • Add your own branding through the Appearance settings (fonts, colors, spacing, + other design features)

Available Templates 

  • Event – support multiple events, both in person, virtual, and hybrid with apps. It offers additional features to attendees and enables data capture for users

  • Directory – create an app that gives your users the ability to quickly find key people in their organization and learn about colleagues

  • Innovation Management – Enabling you to create innovation challenges and to collect ideas from your staff or customers
  • Expenses – a workflow app for users to submit expenses and receive approval from admins

  • Marketing –  Share content and retain users with several interactive features. Ultimately encouraging inquiries for marketing and business development teams.

  • Portal – includes a secure list of sub-apps, company information, office directory, feedback form, and onboarding slider
  • Sales Enablement  – includes a list of locations and services, knowledge and tips, and social media

  • Blank – A blank template enabling you to build a custom template from scratch
  • Communications Solution – an all-in-one app that provides you with the necessary tools to promote transparency, engage users, and bring all collaborative conversations, news updates, and tools into one app

  • Emergency Management – Guide users through procedures related to an emergency and provide the contact details that might be required at any stage of the emergency

  • Food ordering – designed to make it easy for businesses to orders, enabling customers to make contactless orders via scanning a QR code. Users can browse the menu to order food and drinks
  • Remote and Office Management Solution – Manage your remote and office staff, including space check-in, office bookings, and more

  • Single Event – Quickly build an app for an event with an agenda, polls, surveys, directory of attendees and speakers, and much more