What is a Prefab Fliplet App?

Fliplet is a Prefab app builder that allows you to create custom apps from prefabricated open-source components. Prefab app builders combine the benefits of no-code tools with the feature customization of open-source software. Prefab app builders allow you to build custom apps while saving the time it would normally take to code. 

How to Create a Fliplet App

Watch this short video or read through the article below:


New Fliplet apps are created based on an existing template or using a blank form. 

To create an app in Studio, click the plus button under Create a new app, then select a template from the gallery.

You can learn more about the available templates here.

You can try out a template without building it by clicking “Try demo app”. If the template fits your needs you can get started by clicking Use this template.

If you’d rather create an app without using a template, select the Blank option. 

The blank template allows you to create an app from scratch. Although it comes with a couple of screens, placeholder images, and text, you are free to design this app in any way you see fit. A blank template also does not come with data sources – you will have to create your own.

Options When Selecting a Template

Use template

Creates a new app based on the template

Try demo app

Previews the demo app

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