Publishing a Fliplet App

After you’ve created and tested your Fliplet app, the final step in the process is to publish your app to any of the supported publishing channels. 

There are several publishing channels available for your app. By default, all your apps can be previewed and tested using Fliplet Viewer. Apps can also be published publicly to the web, Apple App Store, or Google Play. You can also distribute apps internally by publishing them as an enterprise app for Android and iOS devices. Lastly, there is a section that details how to add the app to another app in Fliplet, creating a Portal.

Get Started

  1. How to publish a Fliplet app
  2. Fliplet Viewer
  3. Publish to the web
  4. Publish to Apple and Android devices
  5. Make your app available via another app (portal)

How to Publish a Fliplet App

Publication makes your app available for download from the selected channels. 

To publish your app to a supported publishing channel:

  1. From Fliplet Studio, open the app you want to publish

  2. Hover over the Publish tab

  3. Click the button to the right of the channel to which you want to publish the app

  4. Configure the publishing channel, then click Publish

  5. For more options click “More publishing and promotion options”

Under more options, there is also a “Manage settings” button which, when clicked, displays more details about the app’s configuration in the publishing channel.

You can also update your app and view its version history from the top section of the Publish tab (this is only shown after the app has been published to any channel). You can make most changes to your app through Fliplet without having to resubmit to Apple or Google, although Fliplet recommends rebuilding apps for Google and Apple at least every 6 months.

You can also set up in-app notifications and push notifications from the Publish tab. For more information, see Notifications.

Note: A paid Fliplet subscription is needed to publish to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. To get a paid Fliplet subscription or help in publishing your app to these app stores, contact

Why Publish a Fliplet App

Apps are meant to be used by people! If you do not publish your app, it will only be available through Fliplet Viewer to people with Fliplet accounts. To reach a wider audience, it is essential to publish your apps to any of the other available publishing channels. Choosing how and where to publish your app will depend on several things, but is ultimately up to you. For example, if you have created an event app for thousands of people outside your company, you will probably want to publish it to the public Google Play and Apple app stores to make it more accessible to people on their phones.

Options When Choosing a Publishing Channel

Fliplet Viewer

Manage Users

Opens the Manage users window allowing you to invite people to use the app in Fliplet Viewer. To test an app in Fliplet Viewer, users must have a Fliplet Account.


Publish to the web via a URL


Publishes the app to the web via a URL.


Textbox that displays the URL for the app.


Allows you to customize the app URL.


Saves the changes to the app URL.


Cancels the changes to the app URL.

Copy URL

Copies the app URL to your computer’s clipboard.

Open URL

Opens the URL in a new browser window.


Disables the app URL so it is immediately inaccessible.

See/hide embed code

Displays/hides the embed code that allows the app to be embedded into another web page. For more information, see Publishing web apps to your website.


Publish to Apple and Android devices

Each of the options inside these sections is covered in different articles. See the Publishing section of the help center.


Displays a popup window with more information about the selected option.

Contact Fliplet

Opens a new browser window/tab displaying Fliplet Customer Support’s contact information.

Make your app available via another Fliplet app (a portal app)

Portal apps are discussed in another article in the Fliplet help center here.


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