Publishing a Fliplet app as an enterprise Android app will generate a file for you to download and distribute via your enterprise store. You do not need a Google Developer account if you are distributing your app through your own enterprise solution. 

To get started, in Fliplet go to the Publish section and click begin publishing to the right of Publish to Android Devices. Select the Signed APK tab at the top. You will need to fill out each of the sections below. At any time you can click the blue Save progress button in the bottom left to save your progress. 

Watch the video or read the article below.

1. App details (required)

  • App icon – This icon will be displayed on all devices and should be relevant and unique to the app/your organization

  • Splash screen – This is the loading screen that shows up for several seconds when the app first loads. It is common to use a company logo or image.

  • Screenshots – You need to specify what screenshots you want to include in your app listing, choose screens that show off the best and most important features of your app. These can be generated through the app settings. For info see the separate article.

2. App listing details (required)

  • App icon name – Choose the name that will appear below your app’s icon on a user’s device. This is limited to 30 characters and typically only 13 characters will be displayed.

3. Push notification assets (optional)

  • Notification icon – Select an image from your computer that will be the icon users will see when they receive a notification from your app. Images should be 512 x 512 pixels.

4. App technical details (required)

  • App version number – Fliplet will generate and update this automatically for you, however, you can modify it following the 1.0.0 numbering convention.

  • App version code – Fliplet will generate and update this automatically for you, however, you can modify it, recommended four digits. This is not shown to users.

  • Bundle ID – this is a unique ID for your app on the App Store. It must follow the structure ‘com.CompanyName.AppName’

Push Notification (optional)

See this article for more on configuring push notifications.

  • Sender ID – You must get this from the Google Firebase console for your app in Settings > Cloud Messaging. Follow the guide above for more details. 

When you have verified all of the information is correct and complete, click the green Request App button in the bottom left. You can check the status of the build near the top of this screen. If the build is successful, you can download the APK file to distribute.


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