This is a guide for how you publish apps to an app portal. This assumes the app portal has already been pre-configured. If you need help setting up the portal from the start, please read this article.

Step 1: make sure the new app is published

  • In your app, go to the Publish section

  • Scroll down and make sure it says available on the option to “Make your app available via another Fliplet app (a portal app)” 

Step 2: in the portal settings, select the new app 

  • Click on the portal component to open the settings

  • Scroll down in the settings to where you can see your available apps

  • Select the new app from the list 

    • Note: only published apps will be listed here, so if you can’t see the app as an option, go back to step 1 and make sure the app is published 

    • Make a note here what the app ID is, as you’ll need it for the next step

Step 3: in the user data source, add the new app ID in a new column and give users access to the new app

  • In your portal settings click the button to edit data source

  • In your data source, create a new column and add the app ID like this APP:1234

    • Note that 1234 needs to be the unique app ID you can see from your list of available apps

  • Next to each user email mark an x in the new column if a user should have access to the new app

  • Save data source and portal component settings

Step 4: test it on Fliplet Viewer to make sure you can access & download new app

  • Make sure to give yourself access to the new app so you can make sure you can access it on Fliplet viewer 

  • You won’t be able to test downloading the app in Fliplet Studio preview, since the portal only works on mobile devices

Step 5: publish the portal to make changes go live

  • To make your new app available on your live app, publish an update from within Fliplet Studio

  • When your app has updated, try to download the app and to make sure it’s working