What are Apple & Google Developer accounts?

Apple and Google Developer accounts are required for publishing iOS and Android apps through the public stores; an Apple Developer account is also required for publishing iOS enterprise apps. 

You will need the details of your Apple and Google developer accounts when publishing your app.  While Apple will review your apps prior to the official release in its public store, Google doesn’t require a review. In-house or enterprise apps also don’t undergo any review.

Click the links below to learn more about and sign up for the two different Apple Developer accounts as well as the Google Developer account.

Only paying Fliplet customers can publish apps. To inquire about a paid account or get help in publishing your app, contact support@fliplet.com.

How to create Apple & Google Developer accounts

If you don’t already, you will need to create app store accounts in order to share your apps publicly via the Apple, Google Play or Windows app stores.

Choosing which platforms you want to deploy to may seem daunting but data clearly shows the two market leaders are iOS and Android. These platforms account for 97% of the market globally.

  • Apple App Store (Developer)

    This account cannot be used for enterprise or MDM apps
    Cost: $99 USD per year
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  • Apple Enterprise

    This is account is only for internal apps and cannot be used for apps on the Apple app store. These accounts typically have a two week waiting period!
    Cost: $299 per year
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Note: Charities, Nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, and others may be able to have the annual fees waived via https://developer.apple.com/support/membership-fee-waiver/

Why create Apple & Google Developer accounts

Apple and Google Developer accounts are required to publish your iOS and Android apps to the Apple App Store and Google Play store, or iOS enterprise apps. Publication of your apps to the public app stores is best for maximum exposure, allowing your app to reach a wider audience. If you are creating enterprise apps for internal use only, publishing to the public stores isn’t recommended.