What is the App List Component?

The App List component shows all your apps in a list, allowing users with the correct security credentials to access them. It is commonly used in Portal apps. Only apps created using Fliplet Studio can be displayed on the component.

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  1. How to use the app list component
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How to use the App List Component

Why Use an App List Component

An app list allows convenient access to your other apps. It is ideal for use in a portal where all your apps are displayed for easy access by authorized users. By default, everyone can use the apps displayed in a portal. However, you can limit access by simply entering the email addresses of those to be given access to each app. This will also require a security component.

It can also be an alternate form of publishing apps – instead of publishing many apps, you publish one Portal app with an app list that grants users access to your other apps.

Options in the App List Component

Settings tab

Apps that users will see

Only published apps will be displayed on the App List component

Select a security option

This sets the access security for the component. It is set to No Security by default. You can change this to All Authorized Users or Some Authorized Users, which would require entering the email addresses of those who will be given access and configuring the Login screen.

Choose an app token

Allows selecting an app token that will give the system permission to access your other apps. To manage tokens, go to App settings > App tokens.

Create a new token

Allows creating a new token that will give the system permission to access your other apps

Select the apps you want to make available through this app list

Allows selecting the apps that will be displayed on the list

On which screen is your security component – Link action

Allows users to be automatically redirected to the security screen to log in. Select Display Another screen under Link actions, then the screen. You can also add query parameters and select the animation for displaying the screen.


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