What is the purpose of this test?

The goal of the test is to ask people who are not familiar with the app to test it and confirm if: 

  1. The design and functionality make sense

  2. The content is clear and there are no typos

  3. The app doesn’t confuse users

  4. If there are any bugs or issues

  5. If the app works well on different mobile devices and computers

  6. If the user thinks the app is missing any features that they think should be included

What should I do before I start testing my app?

Ensure your app is complete, functioning, and explains itself. All instructions, onboarding, and guidance should be included so that new users understand how to use the app.

Users will expect an app to tell them how to use it and guide them, if your app does not do this your users will probably not test all the features or not understand the purpose of features.

Do not assume users will spend time using features just because they are in the app. Most mobile app users have very little patience and expect high-quality design, user interfaces they understand, and user experience that follows existing layouts and designs they are used to.

Who should participate in the test?

We recommend you ask 10 people to test your app as not everyone will test it in the timeframe you want.

Ask people who will test the app, have different levels of IT experience, different types of mobile devices and computers, and will give you feedback from different perspectives.

What expectations should I set with my testers?

Using the email template below ask your users to:

  1. Use the app on their smartphone and tablet

  2. Use the app on their computer via their web browser

  3. Use specific features, but do not explain how

  4. Set a clear due date

  5. Follow up if you haven’t heard from them before the due date

What should I tell my testers before giving them access to my app?

If your app requires your users to have an account you will need to:

  1. Set them up with an app login or they won’t be able to access your app

  2. Give them preview access to your app via Fliplet Studio

Example email to your testers:

Hi John

I am Fred, and I work in the IT Department.

We have produced a new mobile and web app called Contact directory. This app will be given to our staff and clients. 

Before we launch the app I would like you to test it. Testing the app will take 15-30 minutes and your input will help to ensure the app is ready for launch. Please reply with your feedback by DD-MM-YYYY.

I am deliberately not telling you too much about the app as it should be self-explanatory.

During the test please pay attention to the following items and tell me if you have any feedback:

  1. Update your contact details 
  2. Use the checklists
  3. The design and functionality
  4. The content and any typos
  5. Any aspects of the app that confuse you
  6. Any bugs or issues
  7. Any missing features or improvement ideas

How to test the app:

Testing on your Apple or Android phone:

  1. Install ‘Fliplet Viewer’ app from the App Store or Google Play

  2. Load Fliplet Viewer and tap ‘Login’

  3. Your login details will be sent to you from Fliplet if you do not receive it please check your spam

  4. Enter your email and password into Fliplet Viewer

  5. Tap the app you want to test, it will download to your device

  6. The app will load within Fliplet Viewer

  7. Proceed with your testing

  8. If you need to login to the app you will receive a separate email with the subject ‘Your account for X app’

  9. Test the app

Testing on your computer’s web browser

  1. Visit
  2. If you need to login to the app you will receive a separate email with the subject ‘Your account for X app’

  3. Test the app

After testing please reply to all with your feedback.

Thank you for your time, it is really appreciated.


How do I collect feedback from my testers?

They will reply to your email. 

Organizing feedback:

  1. You can organize your feedback in any way you want, we recommend using a spreadsheet where you can collaborate with others and easily manage progress/types of feedback 

  2. Take a look at our template here: The spreadsheet

    1. If you want to use it, open the link then make a copy/download as an Excel spreadsheet

    2. Click ‘File’ then select either ‘Make a copy’ or ‘Download as’ 

How do I give testers access to my app?

  1. If your testers need to login to the app create their accounts in the app first

  2. Create your testers within Fliplet Studio by adding users to your app

    1. Go to ‘edit’ mode in Fliplet Studio

    2. On the far right of the screen click the user icon to ‘Manage collaborators’

    3. Enter the email addresses for all your users and give them ‘Preview’ permissions

    4. Fliplet will email them a username and password

  3. Email your users requesting they test your app using the above template

Be sure to let users know when you would like to receive the feedback and why it’s important (i.e “our accelerator program will end in 2 weeks”, or “we are aiming to launch the app at the end of the month”).