What is the Lock Component?

The Lock component provides an additional layer of security to your apps. With it, users can lock your apps on their devices, securing them from unauthorized access. To unlock an app, users have to key in a passcode that they set upon initial use. If a user forgets their passcode, you may either let them reset it or they will need to re-download the app. You can also allow users with fingerprint or facial recognition capable devices to lock and unlock apps.

Why use the Lock Component?

The Lock component ensures that your users are able to secure apps installed on their devices from unauthorized access. This component can be used in conjunction with other security components, for example, Login and Email Verification, for a more secure user experience. 

Options of a Lock Component

Redirect to another screen after passcode authentication – link action

This is what will happen after successful passcode authentication. By default, this is set to None. For more information, see Configure Links.

Allow users to reset the passcode

Select from the two options: 

  1. Yes – app users can reset the Passcode and be taken to another screen for user verification

  2. No – app users will need to re-download the app if they cannot remember the Passcode

Allow use of biometric identification

When checked, this box allows the use of fingerprint or facial recognition to unlock an app


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