What is a Gallery Component?

A gallery component allows you to add a gallery containing one or more images to your app. This gallery can be viewed as a slideshow on your app. Only PNG, JPEG (.jpg/.jpeg), GIF, and TIFF files can be added to a gallery component.

Why use the Gallery Component?

Galleries are a great way to include multiple images on one screen, creating a ‘photo album’ where the user can browse photos in a series. Commonly this is used to add images from an event or similar occasion where there are multiple images to browse. 

How to use a Gallery Component?

Options of a Gallery Component

After adding a gallery component, instructions will be shown on the screen. You must begin by clicking the Add images button to the right.

Configure your Gallery

Add Image

Allows selection of an image file. For more information, see Select File.

Drag image to reorder

Allows dragging the image to the desired position on the gallery

Image Title*

Name of the image. This is a public name, so users will see this if they tap on the image to expand. It can be of any length and effectively serves as the image caption. 

Edit Image*

Allows cropping, resizing, or rotating of the selected image file. For more information, see Image Editor.

* Tap an image to see these settings


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