What are App Settings?

App Settings are where your app’s various settings are viewed and defined. It is accessible from the App Settings option on the right-side menu in Studio. You can also access it from the main dashboard by clicking the More menu option at the bottom of the app you want to edit, then Settings. These settings should be defined before publishing your app.

Options in App settings

General tab

App name

Displays the name of the app. You can edit the name by changing it here. 80 characters max.

App icon

Displays the app icon. You can change the icon by uploading a 1024 × 1024 pixels image to ensure the highest resolution.


Displays the orientation of the app as shown to your users. You can change this from Portrait to Landscape or vice-versa. Apps will always be displayed in portrait mode on smartphones.

Add-on tab

Enable/disable add-on

Enables or disables the selected add-on

About this app

Configure with your app’s and organization’s information

Allows customizing of the About this app overlay with a rich text editor. See the instructions for using variables.

Custom fonts tab

Custom fonts must be uploaded in .ttf file format.

Browse files in/Folder/Select

Displays your PC’s filesystem, allowing you to navigate to the location of the font file on your PC and select it for upload to your File Manager.

Make it available to the organization

Allows the custom font to be made available to your colleagues

Launch assets tab

Launch assets are detailed in another article here.

App security tab

Screen security

Allows configuration of screen security rules to secure specific screens in your app and prevent unauthorized users from viewing them. See this article for more on screen security.

Data source security

Allows configuration of data source security rules, which are used to secure your data in case of unauthorized access.

App tokens tab

Create token

Allows an app token to be generated


Allows editing of the selected app token

App template tab

Set this app as a template

Allows setting the current app as a template that your colleagues can use