What are Launch assets?

Launch assets are defined in App Settings. They include the splash screen displayed when devices load the app and the app screenshots on your app’s page in the app stores. You can also blacklist assets for offline use so that they won’t get uploaded with your app.

Why use Launch assets?

The launch assets defined with your apps play important roles. Splash screens help with branding and increase your app’s attractiveness. Screenshots are required for publishing to the Apple App and Google Play stores. 

Blacklisting assets is one way of preventing your app’s file size from getting too large. See this article for more information.

Options in Launch Assets

Splash screen

See how your splash screen looks on different devices

This opens the Splash screen preview, which displays how your splash screen will look like on different devices


This button allows the selection of a new splash screen from your computer. Fliplet recommends using an image resolution size of 2732 x 2732 pixels for the splash screen

App screenshots

App screenshots

This is set to use Fliplet’s screenshot generator by default. To use your own screenshots, select Upload your own screenshots.

Select screens

Select up to four (4) screens from the list in the order they will be displayed in the app listing.

Generate screenshots

This button generates shots of the selected screens and puts them in the Screenshots folder in the File Manager.

Create folder structure (when uploading your own screenshots)

This button creates the Screenshots folder in the File Manager. You can then upload your own screenshots to this folder.

Blacklisted assets

Blacklisted assets

This is where the blacklisting rules for assets to be skipped from being bundled for offline use are defined.


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