How to add email and telephone speciality links in Fliplet Studio

There are a few common special links that your app can support including:

  1. Opening the compose email window with pre-filled content
  2. Starting a telephone call

Where and how do you add these links?

  1. Any link can be a speciality link
  2. Add any component where you can add links
    1. Buttons
    2. Lists
    3. Menu
    4. Hyperlinks
  3. When setting the ‘Link action’ specify ‘Open a web page’
  4. Enter the links below for email or telephone links

Configuring email links

To create a simple link that will open the compose email window to a specific email address use this format:

To create an advanced email link that specifies the following use this format:

  • To

  • CC

  • BCC

  • Subject/p>

  • Body

A breakdown of the above:

  • mailto: – this tells the app to open the email compose window

  • – this sets the ‘To’ email address

  • ? – this allows additional parameters to be set

  • – this sets the cc email address

  • – this sets the bcc email address

  • & – this is used to join a list of additional parameters together

  • subject=Fliplet%20email%20subject – this sets the subject to ‘Fliplet email subject’. The %20 is converted to a ‘space’ when opened by the email software. For more information on URL characters please see >

  • body=This%20is%20the%20message – this is the body content using URL characters

How to quickly test an email link?

Copy your email link into your browser and enter it in the address field (where you enter website addresses) and press ‘enter’. Your computer should load your email software and pre-fill the email with the details you’ve provided. If it doesn’t work please check the link and ensure you haven’t missed any of the special characters.

Configuring phone links

To create a link that will open in the phone and allow for a call to be made to a specific number using the format below, making sure to include the country operator number:



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