What are Email Templates?

The email template provider allows creating or customizing email templates that are available for use with a variety of Fliplet components.

How to use Email Templates?

Why Use Email Templates?

The email template provider is used in the following Fliplet components:

  • Verification: Email – to customize the email with a verification code sent to users

  • Form – to send the results of the form to users or admins when the form is submitted. There is a template to send an email automatically from the system, and a template to open the email program on the users’ device for the user to send an email. 

  • Login – used to customize the email sent for the forgot password link

Options of Email Templates

Note that the available options may vary, depending on the component and/or email template.

Recipient (To) (Available in the Form component only)

Allows entry of an email address to which the email will be sent.

Additional recipient (CC, BCC, and Reply To) (Available in the Form component only)

Allows entry of additional email addresses. The email will also be sent to these addresses.

Subject (Available in the Form and Verification: Email components only)

The subject of the email. Filled up by default, and can be changed if needed.


The body of the email. This is a standard template that can be customized. Some content in the body will be entered dynamically when an email is sent. The template encloses these pieces of data in brackets like this {{code}}. As an example, entering {{appName}} includes your application’s name somewhere on the template.  

Rich text editor

Used for formatting the body. When using the rich text editor to add data to your email ensure you add the field name like this {{{[RichText]}}} to capture any HTML formatting within your email.