Most companies have a spam email system attached to their corporate email. To ensure your email server accepts emails from Fliplet we recommend you whitelist emails from as this is where our software sends emails from. Additionally, allow all emails with the Return-path from the domain.

For a full list of emails to whitelist, see here.

Many emails from Fliplet’s server can be considered spam because:

  1. Volume – if many people on the same email domain are invited at once our server will send many emails at the same time
  2. Styling – emails from Fliplet are HTML emails with images, these look like email newsletters and are sometimes considered as a bulk email
  3. Server – we use Amazon SES, an email sending service from Amazon. Amazon’s servers can be greylisted as they send a lot of bulk emails from their other customers

If you do not whitelist Fliplet, your spam software may tell our email service to retry sending the email a few times. Sometimes causing the emails to be delayed.

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