What is the weekly app analytics email?

The weekly app analytics email is a report that is sent every Wednesday to Fliplet users detailing information on your published apps. 

Users will only receive this email if they fulfill all of the following conditions:

  • Have one live app
  • Be an editor or publisher of the live app
  • Have at least one live app with an activity (any of the following):
    • App users
    • App user sessions
    • App user interactions
    • New data submissions
    • Push notifications sent
    • Emails sent
    • Forms submitted

Users are automatically opted in to receive these emails. To disable the emails, click My account > Account settings and untick the option “I want to receive weekly app analytics email reports for my top published apps.”.

This article will cover

  1. What is included in the email?
  2. Account summary
  3. Top live apps
  4. Individual app metrics

What is included in the email?

The data sent is the data from the previous week. This means that if the email is sent on Wednesday 5th of July, the period will be between Monday 26th of June, and Sunday 2nd of July.

The data will also be compared with the data from the previous period. Using the example above, this means that the data will be compared to the data from the period between Monday 19th of June to Sunday 25th of June.

Account summary 

The account summary shows the totals for the period of the following items:

  • Live apps: Any published app, whether it’s web or mobile
  • Total devices: Total number of devices accessing all published apps. This includes devices accessing web and mobile apps
  • Total app sessions: Total number of app sessions from all published apps. This includes sessions on web and mobile apps
    Note: A session is a group of user interactions that take place within a given time frame. Our sessions last 30 minutes

Each of the three metrics will have a comparison with the previous week’s data and show if it increased, decreased or there was no change.

Top live apps

The top live apps will show up to 5 apps sorted by the number of devices accessing the app during the data period.

An app will only be listed in this section if it has had any activity in the past two weeks. If none of your live apps have had any activity in the last two weeks, you will not receive the email.

Individual app metrics

Each app will show the following metrics, which include data from users accessing the web and/or the mobile(native) app:

  • Devices: Number of devices accessing the app
  • User sessions: Number of app user sessions generated by accessing the app
  • User interactions: Number of interactions in the app made by users, such as buttons clicked, and pages viewed
  • New data source entries: Number of entries created in data sources by form submissions, app actions, API tokens, or Studio user
  • Push notifications sent: Number of push notifications sent by the app or Studio user
  • Emails sent: Number of emails sent by the app

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