What are Video Components?

The video components enable you to add videos to your app. There are two video component types: online and offline. The online video component allows you to add a video available online, for example, YouTube, Vimeo, and others, to your app; the offline video component allows adding a video file from the file manager or your computer to be stored on your app. The video component supports the following file types: 

Android iOS
.3gp and .mp4 .3gp, .mov, .mp4, and .m4v

How to Use Video Components

Why Use Video Components?

Videos are a great way to incorporate marketing or educational materials into your app. 

Fliplet recommends using online videos whenever possible as adding large video files will increase the size and slow down the overall loading speed of your app.

Note: Online videos on sites such as Youtube can still be made private so that they will not be publicly searchable.

Options of Video Components

The available options depend on the type of video component. 

Offline Video

Select a video

Allows selection of a video from your computer using the Fliplet File Manager. For more information, see Using the File Manager.


Paste your video URL

Allows entering the URL of the video to be added to the component

Show me an example

Populates the video URL field with a sample video

Refresh thumbnail

Displays the video thumbnail on the component


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