What is a Grid Component?

The grid component displays your list items via customizable panels that may be of different sizes. The grid is one of Fliplet’s List components and allows you to present your information in a visually appealing manner. 

How to Use a Grid Component

Why Use a Grid Component

Grids are a great way to highlight content in your app in a visually appealing manner. It may be used to create home pages and indexes linking users to other areas of your app. 

Options of a Grid Component

When adding a grid component, instructions are shown on the screen.  You must begin by clicking the Add new panel button on the Create panels tab to the right.

Create Panels

Add new panel

Allows adding a new panel to the grid. For more information, see Select File.


Name of the panel. This is displayed with the panel on the grid.  


Description of the panel. This is displayed with the panel on the grid. 

Panel size

Size of the panel. By default, this is set to Small. This can be changed to Medium or Large. 

Link action

This is what will happen when a panel is clicked. By default, this is set to None. For more information, see Link actions.

Panel color

Allows setting of the image area/panel to a simple color for the list item  

Drag panel to reorder

Allows dragging the panel to the desired position on the grid



Allows gaps between each panel. By default, this is set to Yes. You can set this to No to display the panels without any gaps in between.


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