To create a screenshot of an app in a certain state please follow these instructions.  You will need to use Google Chrome as your browser for this process. 

Step 1: You need to launch the app as a web app

  1. Go to the Launch checklist in your app

  2. Make sure that the latest version of the app is published

  3. After that, under Distribute your app click on the Web tab 
    1. You’ll need to create or choose a token

    2. Once you’ve set the token you will be a box with some code, with this you will need to:

      1. Copy only the URL within the src part of the code. It should look like the example below, copy only the part that is in bold:–12f49918afb3bf0426d4a95cc9b39cc2-310-063-754

      2. Open a new tab and paste the URL

      3. This will load more code, and again you need to find and copy a URL. This time you should copy the URL in the line that starts with (var url =) – note that you should not copy the quotation marks, just what’s inside the quotation marks

      4. Paste that URL in the same or different tab and you’ll open the web app

Step 2: Now that you’ve got the web app running, you need to open the Chrome Developer Tools and which is how you’ll take the screenshots

  1. Do this by pressing Command + Option + J on Mac/Apple or F12 on Windows devices
  2. Click the Toggle device toolbar icon 

  3. On the top bar change to Responsive 

  4. Enter the sizes as that you require. Apple and Google require the following sizes: 

    1. Apple app store requires three different sizes: 

      1. 1242 x 2208 px

      2. 1242 x 2688px

      3. 2048 x 27732px or 2732 x 2048px

    2. Goole play store: 

      1. 720 x 1280px

      2. 1200 x 2048px or 2048 x 1200 px

  5. To take the screenshot, click on the three dots icon in the same top bar

  6. Choose Capture full-size screenshot 

  7. The screenshot will then be saved, or you will be asked to save the screenshots, depending on your browser settings