What compatibility does Fliplet support on devices and browsers?

Fliplet Studio

Fliplet’s recommended browser for all purposes is Google Chrome – this is a free download and the most widely used browser in the world. You can download Chrome by clicking here.

If you are unable to download Chrome, these browsers will also work but your experience may differ between different versions. We would advise updating any browser you are using to the latest version.

Browsers Supported:

Fliplet supports browser versions released over the past 12 months

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Firefox 
  • Chrome

Note: Other browsers may work but they are not tested or formally supported.

Browsers should be at least 1280px wide

Native apps built on Fliplet

Fliplet aims to support all operating systems until they become, either technologically obsolete and/or several users still using them is too low to justify continued support.

Currently, Fliplet supports 99.5% of users on iOS and Android.

Operating systems supported:

  • iOS (latest version and 2 previous versions)
    Note: From April 29 2024 apps uploaded to App Store Connect must be built with Xcode 15 for iOS 17, or iPadOS 17.
    This means that users accessing apps published after April 29 will require iOS 17 and onwards.
    Fliplet apps will be compatible with the new requirements.

  • Android 8.0+

Web apps built on Fliplet

Though Fliplet’s web apps will work with 99% of the available devices and browsers, there are always some that at simply too old to support our technology. Here are the minimum requirements. If you’re device or browser doesn’t meet these criteria your screen will be blank.

Desktop browsers supported: 

Fliplet supports browser versions released over the past 12 months

  • Microsoft Edge 
  • Firefox 
  • Chrome 

Mobile browsers supported:

  • Safari (latest version and 2 previous versions)
  • Chrome (Android 8.0+)


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