What is an in-app update?

Fliplet’s unique platform allows Studio users to make updates to apps in seconds – without having to go through Apple or Google for approval. This also means app users don’t need to update their apps through the App Store or Play Store.

How to use in-app updates

Note: Your app must be published to at least one platform (Web, Apple, Android) to use in-app updates.

  1. In Fliplet Studio, navigate to the Publish option in the top right corner
  2. Select “update” next to “update your app”
  3. Click Configure Update on the prompt.
  4. Choose one of three options for notifying users:
    1. Silent Update: Recommended for minor content updates. The app will be updated without notifying or interrupting the user. The update will happen the next time the user has internet access and re-opens the app for a period of 30 seconds or longer.
    2. Visible Update: Recommended for normal updates. Users will see a small message at the bottom of their screen when they next access the app. The message will notify them that changes are being applied. They won’t need to refresh the app and can continue to use it.
    3. Forced Update: Recommended for large changes or security reasons. When users access the app they will be interrupted with a message that tells them an important update is being downloaded. You can add an additional message should you wish. They will not be able to use the app while the download occurs and will be required to restart the app.

  5. You will also be able to add optional Update Notes
  6. Click Update and await the confirmation message.
  7. To confirm your update you will see that your “Current app version” is updated to the latest version with today’s time and date.
  8. You may also confirm the update on the publish screen under version history. This will also show you the details of any previous updates with the current version listed at the top of the screen.


  1. Which update type should I use?
    The type of update you use depends on the changes you are making to your app. The recommendations are generally as follows:
    Silent update – Minor content updates that are not essential that all users see straight away.
    Note: it is not recommended to use this type of update frequently and generally best practice to alert users of changes to the app. It should be for small tweaks and it is a good idea to use a visible or forced update after a few silent updates to ensure all users are getting the latest version of the app.
    Visible Update – Regular updates. This should be your go to for any changes to your app. Users will be alerted to the change ensuring they get access to the updates next time they use the app.
    Forced Update – Large changes or security reasons. Use this option when all users must see the updated version of the app asap.
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