What is an Image Component?

An image component allows you to add an image to your app. If you want your users to view a slideshow containing one or more images, you can use the gallery component. Only PNG, JPEG (.jpg/.jpeg), GIF, and TIFF files can be added to your apps.

How to Use an Image Component

Why Use an Image Component

All apps will include some kind of photo, whether it be a company logo, or an image meant to showcase content or appear in the background. For example, you can use images as backdrops for your app screens.

Common uses of images in apps include the following:

  • Company logo/branding
  • Banner images
  • Informational images/posters
  • Background images

Options of an Image Component

When adding an image component, a sample image will be shown on the screen.  You must begin by clicking the sample, then selecting the image to be shown on the component.

Select Image

The Select Image tab allows selecting, adding or replacing the image to be displayed on the component. For more information, see the Select File article.

Image Editor

The Image Editor tab allows cropping, resizing, or rotating of the image file. For more information, see Image Editor.


Add interaction to your image

The list of interactions available for use with images

  • No interaction (this is the default option)

  • Pinch-to-zoom

  • Pinch-to-zoom (full-screen mode)

  • Other tap/click actions (see Link action option below)

Link action

This is what will happen when the image is clicked. For more information, see Link actions.

Load this image after the page is loaded to improve page load time

When checked, the image is loaded after page loading is finished.


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