The digital business card is available as part of the Directory solution. This article will detail and explain what data can be presented as part of the digital business card and how to edit the data.

What is the digital business card?

The digital business card is a public profile that can be accessed by anyone via scanning a QR code.
Users can access their QR code from the home screen, by clicking “My QR code”.
The digital business card can include links to social media, phone calls, emails, portfolios, etc.
You can also use the “add to contacts” option to add the user to your device contacts.
Using Studio, the layout can be edited and the data will be populated using the user’s directory profile information.
Note: the app needs to be published for this feature to work correctly, and scanning the QR code whilst in Studio will not work. It should be tested and viewed via the live app only.

How to edit the digital business card information

Below is a representation of the “Directory – VCard Info” data source that is linked in the directory solution for editing the information that is downloaded from the user’s profile to a device’s contacts.

The “User Data” column is the name of the column in the “Directory – People” data source that should be used to edit the data.

These should be adjusted based on the columns you have. Leaving this blank will mean that this item will not be included in the contact card download. The “vcard” column is what will be used in the file download. For the digital business card to work correctly, it is important that you do not adjust these values.
The comments column is not present in the data source but has been added to this article to further explain some fields.

User Data VCard Comments
First Name firstName  
Middle Name middleName  
Last Name lastName  
Prefix namePrefix  
Suffix nameSuffix  
Birthday birthday Must be formatted as YYYY-MM-DD
  photo Must be a URL or filename for a file in the Fliplet file manager
BiographyURL url Must be a URL
Email email  
Cell/Mobile Phone cellPhone Must be formatted as 555-555-5555
Home phone homePhone Must be formatted as 555-555-5555
Home Fax homeFax Must be formatted as 555-555-5555
Home address homeAddress.street  
Home city  
Home state homeAddress.stateProvince  
Home postal code homeAddress.postalCode  
Home country homeAddress.countryRegion  
Organization organization  
  workUrl Must be a URL
Title title  
Role role  
  anniversary Must be formatted as YYYY-MM-DD
Telephone workPhone Must be formatted as 555-555-5555
Work Fax workFax Must be formatted as 555-555-5555
  pagerPhone Must be formatted as 555-555-5555
Work Address workAddress.street  
Work City  
Work State workAddress.stateProvince  
Work Postal Code workAddress.postalCode  
Work Country workAddress.countryRegion  
Facebook facebook Must be a URL
LinkedIn linkedIn Must be a URL
Twitter twitter Must be a URL
  flickr Must be a URL
  instagram Must be a URL
  custom Must be a URL
Other Email otherEmail  
Other Phone otherPhone Must be formatted as 555-555-5555


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