What are Verification Components?

The email and SMS verification components allow users that are given access to your app to verify their identities using codes sent to either their email or cell phone. Once verified, you can direct users to another screen.

Screen security under App Settings must be set up with these components in order to secure parts of your app.

Why Use the Verification Components?

The email and SMS verification components simplify the process of verifying your app’s new users. They are typically used for identity verification after account registration. 

With these components, your users don’t have to remember any passwords. Since the verification process is left to your users, this can mean less work for your app administrators. 

On the other hand, emails and text messages can end up in spam folders or be delayed. This means that app admins might still need to troubleshoot access problems.

Options of Email/SMS verification


Select the data source containing the user information

Select an existing data source from the list or create a new one with your users’ email addresses and, for SMS verification only, mobile numbers

Edit data source

This appears after selecting the data source (see above). Click the link to edit the data source. For more information, see Data Sources.

Select the column with the email address

Select the column with the email address from the data source

Select the column with the phone number (where the SMS will be sent to)

(SMS verification only)

Select the column with the phone number from the data source

Verification code will expire after

Length of time in minutes before the verification code elapses. When time is up, the verification code will no longer be valid. Users will again need to request a new verification code when this happens.

Configure email template (email verification only)

Click this button to display the customizable email template for configuration and editing. For more information, see Email Template Provider.

Allows emails from specific domains (email verification only)

When this box is checked, a textbox where email domains can be entered is displayed. Enter the domain/s you want to allow emails from. For multiple domains, separate each domain with a comma. 

Verification message (SMS verification only)

A textbox that displays the default SMS verification message, which can be customized.


Select a screen

Select a screen from the list. This screen will be displayed upon successful verification.

Add query parameters

If you want to open the specified screen with a query, add the query here. Read this article for more information.

Select an animation

Select an animation from the list. Set to Slide Left by default.


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