If your app has an email verification component and you/your users are having problems with receiving the emails see below for some troubleshooting:

  1. Double check that the correct email is added to the data source. It’s not case sensitive, but do make sure the user is entering the correct email.
  2. Check the verification code has been sent by checking the data source. To do this:
    1. Under the column named code, you’ll see a string of numbers and letters next to some of your user entries. If this column is filled in, then it means that they have been sent a verification code but that they have not yet logged into the app.
    2. This column will clear when the user has logged into the app and instead the column verifiedAt will be filled in. This column will tell you when the user last authenticated.
  3. If the user has no columns filled in, that means they have not had an email sent with an authentication code.
  4. The reason for this could be:
    1. It’s ended up in spam/stuck in your company filters. We always recommend whitelisting Fliplet’s email domain to make sure this doesn’t happen.
    2. Weak connection – you can try sending them a new code by going into your app in preview mode in Fliplet Studio and entering their email. Then head back to the data source to see if the column code has been filled in.
  5. If you go down this route and the user is sent an email with a verification code, please ask them to select the option ‘I already have an access code’ to skip entering their email address again. If the user does this, the verification code that they have will expire and only the new one will work.
  6. If you are unsure about what emails have gone out or there’s an issue with their delivery, contact support@fliplet.com
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