Google has announced the deprecation of their legacy Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) API, culminating in a complete removal after June 20, 2024.

This article outlines the steps to upgrade your push notification service to ensure your notifications operate as expected.

Note: These steps should only be followed if you have previously configured Android push notifications. If this is your first time setting up push notifications, please see here for instructions.

  1. Get Google service file
  2. Visit Google Cloud to set up your FCM services
  3. Create service account
  4. Create a new key
  5. Submit the information in Fliplet

Step 1 – Get Google services file

  1. Log in to your Google Firebase account
  2. Ensure you select the app you are updating your push notification service for.
    Note: If you have not previously registered your app for a project you will need to do this first. Each app should have a separate firebase project.

    1. Select the Android app in the project
    2. For the Android package name- Enter the Bundle id found in the Google publish tab of Studio
    3. Click on “register app”
    4. This will enable you to download the google-services file.
  3. Click the “General” tab at the top of the screen
  4. Find the “google-services.json” file and download it

Step 2 – Visit Google Cloud to set up your FCM services

  1. Start by opening Google Cloud

  2. Now, select the project that relates to your existing app from the dropdown menu

  3. Once you have selected the project, use the search bar to search for “roles” and select

  4. Now select “Create Role”

  5. Enter the following information in the Title, Description, ID, and Role launch stage:
    Title – pushnotifications
    Description – Created on “today’s date”
    ID: pushnotifcations
    Role launch stage – General availability
  6. Select “Add Permissions” and filter by “cloudmessaging.messages.create”

  7. Click “add” to add and save the permission

  8. Now, click “Create” to create the role

Step 3 – Create service account

  1. Next, go to “Service Accounts” on the left hand side menu, and select “Create Service Account”

  2. Give the service account a name and select “create and continue”

  3. Under roles, search for the role you just created

  4. Select “done”

Step 4 – Create a new key

  1. Click on the 3 dots next to the service account you named, and select “manage keys”

  2. Select “Add key” and choose “Create new key”

  3. Select “JSON” and then “Create”. This will auto-download the JSON file, which you can then use to upload it into Fliplet Studio for configuring FCM notifications

Step 5 – Submit the information in Fliplet

  1. Open your app in Fliplet Studio
  2. In the top right hand corner select “publish” and choose “more publishing options”
  3. Select “publish to Android”
  4. Open the “push notifications” tab
  5. Under “Step 3” pload the Google services file from step 1 in this article. You will see “file is valid” if the file is correct
  6. Under “Step 5” upload the services account file. This is the key you created in step 3 of this article. You will see “file is valid” if the file is correct
  7. Check your submission details 
  8. Finally, save the updates and click “submit” to rebuild the app with the new push notification service

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