When creating a form that sends emails from Fliplet, you may want to embed an image in the email rather than send it as an attachment or store it in a data source. This means that the image would show up directly in the email itself.

Keep in mind that due to the constraints of email, images can only be a maximum of 25MB.

The Process

  1. Follow the instructions to create a form, making sure to use the ‘Automatically send an email via Fliplet’ option.
  2. In the settings section of the form builder, click on “Configure email template”.
  3. Select the source code option to insert the HTML code snippet.
  4. Using the field name in the image field (for example, {{[fieldName]}}), add in the code snippet below.
  5. Save and close the configuration.

Code Snippet

<img src="{{[fieldName]}}"/>


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