What are App Menus?

An app menu is commonly used to help users navigate through your app. A click on a menu item provides a quick way to go to any screen in your app.

When creating an app, note that it already comes with a menu. This is regardless of whether the app was created using a template or a blank form.

You can change your app menu’s appearance and layout with menu styles. You can set your menu to either display all screens in your app or just a few select screens. You can even hide the menu from your users if desired.

How to Use App Menus


Why Use App Menus 

Menus are the widely used method to navigate users to other screens in your app. Your choice of style will somewhat fit personal preference.

Menu Styles:

Bottom icon bar – useful for a visual representation of app screens. Typically only recommend apps with a small number of screens.

Options in App Menus

Menu settings (for Push in, Overlay, Slide-in, and Circle menus)

Select where do you want the menu button

Allows placement of the menu button on either the right or the left side. This is set to On the right side by default.

Do you want to hide the menu? 

Allows hiding the menu when users swipe up. This is set to No by default.


Menu settings (for Swipe menus)

Select the navigation style

Allows selection of navigation style, which can be any of the following:

  • Navigation bar – features a menu bar and an overlay with the screens list, and swipe gestures. 

  • Minimal navigation – features a minimalist navigation bar and swipe gestures.

  • No navigation bar – With swipe gestures. 


Menu Options – Menu styles tab

Bottom icon bar

Displays the menu as a bar of icons at the bottom of the screen


Displays the menu as a circle at the bottom of the screen. The menu items are displayed when the menu is clicked.


Displays a hamburger menu. The menu items are displayed in an overlay over the screen when the menu is clicked.

Push in

Displays a hamburger menu. The menu items are pushed in when the menu is clicked.


Displays a hamburger menu. The menu items slide in when the menu is clicked.


The menu items are displayed one by one by swiping the screen


Menu links

Select menu

Allows selection of screens to be displayed on the menu. Set to All screens by default. Other options are Hide menu and Custom menu.


Custom menu links

List of screens

Displays a list of app screens that can be custom-configured or deleted

Add menu link

Allows adding of a menu link

Link label

Allows labeling of a menu link

Select an icon

Allows selection of an icon that will be displayed with the menu link

Replace icon

Allows replacement of a menu icon with another one

Remove icon

Allows removal of a menu icon

Link action

Allows setting of a link action when the menu item is clicked. Link actions are discussed in more detail here