Standard data and identification features

Fliplet does not require integration with existing systems to produce apps. Fliplet includes data storage and security features. For example, an event app that must store data and authenticate users would usually not integrate with existing systems as the data and user data is temporary for a single event.

The features available include:

  1. Data storage via our built-in managed data storage platform designed with capabilities to support large datasets
  2. Identification systems such as email verification or login based on data entered into Fliplet

Integration data and identification features

If an app needs to integrate with an existing data or identification system, Fliplet supports the following features.

Data integration

  1. Fliplet’s REST API – Fliplet offers a REST API publicly available that clients can use to upload or download data that is tightly integrated with Fliplet. Full docs at
  2. Existing cloud product via REST API – Using Javascript, code apps can be integrated with existing APIs. Clients have integrated Fliplet apps with Salesforce, box, and many custom REST APIs
  3. Database/ODBC integration – Fliplet’s Data Integration Service (DIS) is designed to be installed by a client, connected to a database, and configured. It will then sync data with Fliplet automatically. This is perfect for contact data, company news, etc that is already stored in a database. Full docs at

Identification and security integration

  1. SAML2 – rapidly integrate with Active Directory or common Single-Sign-On solutions. This is popular with Windows Administrators as it is often used for connecting Microsoft solutions.
  2. oAuth2 – a common cloud security provider ideally suited for mobile apps or cloud apps to authenticate with each other. Popular with Salesforce, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc.


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