Fliplet Studio

Fliplet Studio has built-in developer options to help you quickly add custom code to your app or a particular screen. 

If you prefer to host your code outside Fliplet you can link CSS and JavaScript files into your app by selecting “Add” and then “Libraries” in the developer options.

Developer documentation

At our Developer & API documentation site we have information about our JavaScript API, our REST API, and our developer tools for local development.


To quickly integrate Fliplet you can:

  1. Use JavaScript code to consume an existing API via jQuery’s Ajax function and Fliplet’s oAuth2 features (contact us for the oAuth2 documentation)
  2. Use our REST API to send or retrieve data from Fliplet’s servers & apps
  3. Use our Data Integration Service to integrate a SQL database with Fliplet’s REST API quickly

Github code

You can also review our open source Github widgets. If you want to fork or clone a feature. You may want to use our development tools to clone a component then edit it locally.

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