If you have recently seen a message in Fliplet Studio regarding an action (such as sending notifications) not being available at this time, it is likely due to our pricing limitations on app actions.


Some of our app solutions have app actions built in to complete certain tasks for you automatically. However, our pricing limitations only allow for a certain number of app actions per minute and per month. 


If you have encountered a per-minute action limit, you can simply try again in a minute and you should be able to complete the action. If you have encountered a per-month action limit, you may want to consider upgrading your plan to prevent these limits from occurring regularly. If your end users see a message when executing the same action, it is for the same reasons. If you are seeing the per-minute limitation being hit by end users, you may also want to consider upgrading.


More information on pricing limitations can be seen here. Upgrading your plan can be done from the Organization Dashboard inside Fliplet Studio, under the Billing tab. Click here for more information on the organization dashboard.

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