This article will explain the steps required to publish an update or edit your app store listing for an app that is already live on the Google play store.
For submitting a new app or more details on the fields in the Publish screen, see this article.

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To update an app on the Google Play Store you will need to:

  1. Request the app from Fliplet
  2. Create a new release 
  3. Upload the AAB or APK file
  4. Roll out to production 

Alternatively, if you wish to update only the listing detail see step 4.

Step 1 – Request the app from Fliplet

  1. Open your app in Fliplet Studio and select the Publish option in the top right corner
  2. Choose “more publishing options”
  3. Next to “Publish to Android devices” select the Manage settings option
  4. Scroll down and click the green “Request App” button in the bottom right to request the app to be published
  5. Then click “OK”. This process can take a few minutes to up to an hour to finish
  6. Check the progress of the process by scrolling to the top of the “Publish to Android devices” window where you are currently.
  7. When it’s complete, return to the window, download the app file

Step 2 – Create a new release

  1. Open the Google Play Console and log in
  2. Open Play Console and go to the Releases overview page
  3. Next to the release that you want to roll out, select the right arrow to open the Release details page
  4. In the ‘Release overview’ section, select View release dashboard
  5. Select the Releases tab, then Edit

Step 3 – Upload the AAB or APK file

  1. Depending on which option you have used when publishing the app, you should add the relevant file from Fliplet. You will need to download either the APK or the App Bundle
  2. At this point, if you do not want to make any changes to the listing information you can skip to number 6
  3. Scroll down and complete the release details
  4. Release name enables you to identify the release and isn’t shown to users on Google Play
  5. Release notes enable you to let users know what’s in your release. Enter release notes for each language within the language tags
  6. Once complete, click Review release 
  7. Click Start-roll out to production 
  8. Google will review the app, this can take up to a week 

Step 4 – Update listing details

  1. Open the Google Play Console and log in
  2. Select your app listing
  3. Click into your App listing
  4. Select “main Store listing” under the “Grow” menu on the left-hand side of the screen 
  5. Make your required changes and save
  6. The changes will automatically apply to your Google app listing, there is no review required
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