What is the chat component?

The chat component is actually a screen template that you can add to your app. With it, you can integrate a ready-made chat component into your app, giving your users an easy way to reach you. All chat conversations are encrypted using 256-bit encryption with unique encryption keys.

How to use the chat component:

  1. To begin using the chat component, open one of your existing apps, click Add Screen. Click the “messaging/notifications” and select “Chat – Messaging”
  2. Add 1 new screen. Enter a screen name for the chat screen when prompted.
  3. The screen will then be created, together with the chat layout.
  4. Click the screen. The configuration screen then slides in from the right.
  5. The chat component requires a data source containing users with access to chat. If you’ve previously created a data source containing these users, select it from the list. If you haven’t yet, you can create a data source at this time.
  6. Now select the fields from the data source that you want to display in the Chat interface including the user’s email address, full name, and optionally the title and image fields.
  7. Lastly, you can limit the number of people shown by default to improve app performance.

Once you’ve created or selected a data source and the fields, click the Security settings tab on the configuration screen. For access to Chat, your users must be validated using any of Fliplet’s security components, for example, Login or Email validation. Users who have not been validated will be redirected to your app’s Security screen, which is defined under the Security settings tab. 

Notifications for new chat messages will be sent with a 30-second delay after the message was sent, and only in the case the message is still unread after that 30 seconds.

Why use a Chat component?

The chat component provides an easy way for your users to reach each other privately. Users can chat one on one or in groups.

Options of a Chat component

Contacts tab

Select a data source of the contacts list

Allows selection of a previously-created data source containing the list of users with access to chat. Also allows creation of a data source. For more information, see Data Sources.

Security settings tab

Select a screen

Select the screen to which those who fail to meet the required security conditions will be redirected to. Typically a login screen.

Add query parameters If you want to open the specified screen with a query, add the query here. Read this article for more information.
Select an animation Select an animation from the list that will be used to transition. Applicable to the screen to which users will be redirected to after login failure. Set to Slide Left by default.


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