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  • Updates

    See new features, templates, and enhancements to Fliplet!

  • Components

    This section covers all of the components of Fliplet apps and their settings

  • Basics

    An intro to using Fliplet Studio

  • Editing

    Learn how to edit and customize your apps through Fliplet Studio.

  • Security Components

    The different components that can be used to secure app screens and data.

  • App Settings

    Settings for your app in Fliplet Studio including the app name and icon, launch assets, app security, and more.

  • Publishing

    Publishing your app to web, Android, and iOS devices through various channels.

  • Code features

    Will require some custom code to get feature setup

Popular in Advanced

  • Basic Guide

    Start here! If you've never built an app with Fliplet before, or it's been a little while, these support articles and vi

  • Fliplet Studio - New Design

    Check out the new design of Studio - your app creation and editing tool.

  • Intermediate Training Guide

    Now that the skeleton of your app is completed, learn how to tie the functionality together and fill it with robust feat

  • App Templates

    Information on customizable app templates. Build apps in a matter of hours for anything from events, to communications

  • Components

    A brief overview of what each component for.

  • Appearance

    Help with Customising the appearance of your Apps.

  • Settings & Helpful Hints

    For all the important logistics behind building your app

  • Layouts

    Descriptions of how to use the screen layouts in Fliplet Studio