Once push notifications are enabled in your app you can test it without having to send a message to all your app users. 

Please note you cannot test push notifications on Fliplet Viewer so make sure the app has the correct push notification configurations and that the app has been published since they were added.

Follow these steps to test the notifications: 

Step 1. In your published app, open the hamburger menu click on ‘About this app’ at the bottom of the screen

Step 2. In this section you can see your unique push ID

If you don’t have an ID here it means that your device is not registered for push notifications

Step 3. In Fliplet Studio, go to the Notifications section for the app. You can find this in the Fliplet Studio home section or in the ‘Publish’ area in the the app


Step 4. Fill in the title and message, then click on the link for ‘Enter your push ID’ and you can enter the ID number of your device

Step 5. Click review & send to get a preview of the message and then choose to send.

The message will only go to the device with the specific push ID

What to do if your push message didn’t come through? 

  • Double check your configurations:
    • for iOS/Apple it’s most likely one of these three items that are misconfigured: 
      • Team ID
      • Key ID
      • Certificate
    • for Android it’s most likely either of these two items that are misconfigured: 
      • Sender ID
      • Server Key
    • Follow our guides to check the details for: