Apple and Google have released their latest operating systems, iOS14 and Android 11. Here we try to answer some of the most common questions about what may need to be done with any apps published through Fliplet.

What do I need to do?

For Android

No updates are necessary! We have not found any issues with existing Fliplet apps on Android 11. However, we do recommend you update your apps to get any bug fixes and changes from Fliplet, so now may be a good time to update.

Follow these articles to publish to the Google Play store – and publish an Enterprise Android app –

For iOS

Fliplet has discovered a minor issue related to new prompts from Apple regarding apps accessing the clipboard. This should not prevent your apps from working in any way, but it may be creating unnecessary warnings for users.

As a result, Fliplet recommends you update any current apps that are published in Studio – including public App Store, Apple Business Manager, and Apple Enterprise (MDM) apps.

For information about updating your Apple app store and Apple Business Manager apps with Fliplet Studio please see here.

If you need help further understanding the various options for publishing to the app store, see here.

For information about updating your Apple enterprise apps with Fliplet Studio please see here.

How long will my App Store app take to be reviewed by Apple?

Historically, Apple has reviewed apps quickly when a new version of iOS is being launched, so we expect any apps submitted to the app store in September or October will be reviewed quickly. To ensure your apps are approved quickly, we recommend you check that your Apple reviewer notes are up to date and your app store information is correct. DO NOT include things like ‘Fixes for iOS 14’ in your release notes.

What if I find other issues with my app?

Fliplet has been extensively testing iOS and Android as part of our support and maintenance agreements with our customers, although isolated issues may affect specific apps.

If you need our assistance please contact Fliplet using the live chat in Studio or email and we will be happy to help.

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