Use the internal communications template to share news articles with employees on the go. This is increasingly important in a global workforce with remote workers and multiple offices – having a good internal communications app can work to bring more collaboration and communication between employees. 

Available features include: 

  • Onboarding
  • Login
  • Newsfeed
  • Suggested news
  • Discussions forums
  • Colleague directory
  • Events list
  • Employee Survey
  • Chat
  • Colleague directory
  • Notifications
  • Admin options


Secure your app so only specific users can access the app. When you have first created the template, log in with the test account that is set up: 


Password: admin

This test account will give you admin access. Read further down the article for how you can use the “admin options”. 

This is using the Login component. To learn more about the login component please read this article. 


Scroll through the tutorial slides to learn more about the app. A tutorial is recommended in all apps since it’s the best means to educate users on the app functionality. 

This is using the Onboarding layout. 


A feed of your internal news articles with social features such as liking and commenting. The feed comes with the following options: 

  • Filter and search capabilities
  • Bookmarking articles
  • Liking articles>
  • Commenting on articles

Read more about the List from data source component here

Suggested news

Allow users to suggest new internal news articles for the newsfeed. Once an internal news article is submitted by users, the admin can be sent an email with the article and then decide if the article should be published.

This screen is using a form component. To learn more about the form component please read this article


Colleague directory

Using our List from data source component, this screen is a list of employees for all app users to see. Features include: 

  • Filter and search capabilities

  • Bookmarking contacts you re-visit often 

  • Tap to email and tap to call buttons 

  • Users can edit their own profiles

Read more about the List from data source component here


Discussion forums 

Use the discussion forums to get your users to discuss topics with each other. The template includes three initial topics for discussion as examples: 

  • Forum – for general topics of discussion 

  • Colleague recognition – give praise to colleagues that have done a good job

  • Knowledge sharing – to share articles, books, podcasts, or other relevant material 

Each discussion forum includes options to: 

  • Add a new discussion thread within one of the three topics

  • Edit or delete your own discussion threads

  • Search and filter

  • Liking, bookmarking, and commenting on any threads

Each discussion requires two screens that are connected: 


Upcoming events 

A list of upcoming events. Users can browse events or use the search and filter options to find the events that they want. 

Options include: 

  • Search and filter

  • Event title and description 

  • Shortcut buttons to email or call event organizers

  • Shortcut button to open the map to the location

  • Ability to add and edit events from within the app 

The events feature requires two screens that are connected: 


Employee survey 

Capturing feedback from employees. All data captured will be stored in Fliplet and you can get an optional email notification. Customize the questions to capture the feedback you need. Our example includes: 

  • Star rating (1-5) 

  • Free text 

  • Single select 

  • Multiple select

This is using the Form component. Read more about the form in this article. 


Notification inbox

Send in-app notifications to users to let them know what is new in the app. A number badge will be added to the hamburger menu drawing the user’s attention to the inbox screen. Options for a notification: 

  • Title + message

  • Link the message to another screen in the app

  • Alternatively, also send as a push notification 

This is using the notification inbox component. Read more about notifications here

Note: push notifications are configured separately 



The chat component allows a user to browse a list of all the app users and message one-on-one or in group chats.

This is using our chat layout. 


Admin options 

The template offers various options for app admins to manage the content in the app on the go. This is what app admins can do directly from within the app itself: 

  • Add news articles 

  • Edit or delete existing news articles 

  • Add new events to the events feed 

  • Edit or delete events 

  • Add new discussion threads 

  • Manage other users discussion posts – edit or delete if not appropriate 

Have any questions or need help to customize your template? Get in touch with us using the live chat from the Fliplet Studio or send us an email at 


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