Your app must have push notifications already enabled.

Push notifications allow you to send messages to users of your app. For more information on configuring push notifications for iOS read this article. For more information on configuring push notifications for Android read this article. Push notifications should be tested on iOS and Android devices as they are different systems. 

If you are looking for information on in-app notifications, read this article.


Push notifications offer the following features:

  1. App developers can send messages to users of their app
  2. App developers can test that the messages are being sent correctly
  3. App developers can inform users about updates or changes to the app

Get Started

To test push notifications you’ll need to:

  1. Set up the push notification test
  2. Send the push notification test
  3. Send the push notification test again (optional)

Step 1 – Set up the push notification test

  1. In your app, go to “Publish” in the top right corner of Studio.
  2. Select the gray “Notifications” button.
  3. Click the blue “+ Create new” button in the top left corner.
  4. Enter a title and a message for your test notification. The number of characters will count down as you type so you do not have to remember the character limit.
  5. Add a link to test that the link feature is working. Select one of the following options:
    LINK TO SCREEN and then select a screen from the dropdown and select an animation.
    LINK TO WEB PAGE and enter a web page.
  6. Click on the blue “Select recipients” button.
  7. Under “Send notification to…”, select “TEST DEVICES”.  You can see the estimated number of recipients who will receive your message.

  8. Under “Device IDs” enter the ID for your device. To find the ID, go into your app and click on “About this app” (usually at the bottom of your hamburger menu). You should be able to see the device ID.
  9. Add notes to the recipients of your notification if you wish.
  10. Click on the blue “Prepare for send” button.  

Step 2 – Send the push notification test

  1. Under “Send notification…” choose “NOW”.
  2. Under “Show notification as…” select both “IN-APP NOTIFICATION” and “PUSH NOTIFICATION”. 
  3. Click on the blue “Review” button. 
  4. Check the preview of what your push notification will look like. You can see a confirmation of the message that you will see for the in-app notification but not what it will look like at this stage.
  5. Click on the blue “Send notification” button.

  6. A success message will appear. Click “OK”.
  7. If the test was successful, you will be able to see that the notification has been sent. (It will appear as a sent message rather than a draft.)
  8. The edit option will have disappeared now that the notification has been sent. However, you can click “Copy” if you wish to create a duplicate.

  9. To see the results of your push notification, click on the “Push notification result” button next to copy. You will see how many devices received the notification and how many batches of the notification were sent.

Step 3 – Send the push notification test again (optional)

If you already sent the push notification test to yourself but wish to send it again to a department:

  1. Click the “Copy” button.
  2. Make any changes you wish to make to the text. Then click the blue “Select recipients” button. 
  3. Under “Send notification to…” select “SIGNED IN USERS”.
  4. Under “Recipients must match all of the following” choose which department/s you would like the push notification to be sent to.
  5. Click “Prepare for send”.
  6. Select whether you would like to send the notification “NOW” or “LATER”
  7. Under “Show notification as” select “IN-APP NOTIFICATION” and “PUSH NOTIFICATION”. 
  8. Click “Review”.
  9. If you chose to send the notification “NOW” then click “Send notification” and if you chose “LATER” click “Save notification”.