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A Fliplet toast is a small non-intrusive message that is displayed on the screen (often at the bottom) and will disappear after a few seconds. It’s similar to other messaging options such as alerts and overlays but has a format, entry animation and style that is useful for messages that inform the user of something without interrupting their use of their app. They typically pop-up into the bottom of the screen like toast from a toaster – hence the name.

The easiest way to fire a toast message is to use the following code. ‘This is a toast’ can be changed to any message you wish to display.

Fliplet.UI.Toast('This is a toast.');

It’s also possible to set additional options on the toast such as:

  • title – gives the toast message a title
  • message – this is the main content of the message
  • position – this is where the toast appears on the screen and can be set to ‘top’, ‘center’ or ‘bottom’
  • type – there are two types of toast Fliplet provides. You can select ‘regular’ that has a white background and appears in the middle of the screen by default. Or you can choose ‘minimal’ which has a black background and appears at the bottom of the screen by default

A full list of the options can be found here.

  type: 'regular',
  title : 'Toast',
  message: 'This is a Fliplet Toast.',
  position : 'bottom'
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