What’s the workflow for creating Fliplet Apps?

The workflow for creating Fliplet Apps refers to the steps taken from starting to build a Fliplet app to publishing the app.

How to use each section of Fliplet

In this video we will discuss how to use each section of Fliplet. Watch this video or follow the steps below:


The typical workflow for app development in Fliplet involves:

  1. Creating the app using either an existing template or a blank app.

  2. Inserting and configuring app screens using various components.

  3. Altering the appearance settings and applying branding.

  4. Previewing and testing the app using Studio and Fliplet Viewer.

  5. Publishing the app.

After the app is published, you can also send notifications or make changes and push out updates.

Options for App Settings

General Add-ons About this app Custom Fonts Launch assets App Security
Choose an App name System Analytics Customize the “About this App” Content Customize the fonts you use in your app. Change the Splash Screen Configure screen security rules
Choose an App icon CSS/JS resources     Choose to use Fliplet’s Screenshot
Choose portrait or landscape Mixpanel        
  Notifications and
System: Error Logging