Watch the following video on our new event app template and the available features you can customize to make it your own.

Customize your new Event App and choose from over 15 features and functionalities.

Available features include:

  • Customizable onboarding screens
  • Login
  • Agenda
  • Personalized agenda content
  • Conference and venue information for attendees
  • Directory
  • User profiles
  • Chat
  • Conference and event newsfeed
  • RSS feed
  • User-generated discussion and photo streams
  • Materials hub for conference handouts, speaker presentations, and more
  • Floorplans
  • Polls, session feedback, and questions for speakers
  • Management/admin options

Configuring Features and Components

We recommend configuring the features and components one by one to ensure they are set up to your specifications.

For example, to configure the onboarding screens, simply select the screen in Studio and the component editor will slide out from the right-hand side. Edit the component and relevant settings and move on to the next one. If there is not another component on the screen then move on to the next screen.


The template has instructions included in some of the screens that are configurable. Don’t worry about deleting these instructions/notes as they will not appear in the published app or app preview and may be useful to other users who work on the app.

Data Sources

Some screens, like the Agenda and the Attendees & Speakers directory, have associated data sources that must be configured with user data to be customized.

Typically, for Event apps, the Attendees & Speakers directory will use the same data source as the Login component so that users may have the opportunity to enter the app and securely update their own details, view personalized agenda items, and participate in social aspects of the app like Chat, user-generated discussion/photo feeds, and collect data from polling, surveys, questions, and feedback.

Other screens, like Event Info, will use another separate data source for the articles and information to be displayed in a different format.

You can create new data sources or rename the existing ones so they are easy to find and customize with your own data you wish to see displayed in the app.

Other Customizations

Continue going through the app screen by screen and feature by feature in order to make the app completely your own.

If you choose not to use a certain feature, we’d recommend leaving it in the app and simply unlinking it from the Menu options. This way, the users won’t see it but if you choose to reinstate it at a later time, you have the option and don’t need to start from scratch.

Customize your Menu options from the right-hand toolbar here:

Admin Options

Take a look at the Admin options at the bottom of the Screens list (on the left). Only those users marked “Admin” in the Attendees & Speakers data source will be able to access this area via an Admin “lock” in the menu. This locked area will not be visible to those not marked as such.

You can use the Admin features to customize other app screens including:

  • Agenda
  • App Users
  • Manage Attendee Check-ins
  • List of Questions
  • Session Surveys
  • Event Feedback

The best way to use this area is to test it in Preview mode to familiarize yourself with the available tools before the event itself so you know what is possible and how to execute quickly.

Stay tuned for more template customization articles and videos coming soon!