App engagement: 

Q: How can I get people to download and engage with the app? 
The simple answer is by providing features that they’d find useful or fun. Talking openly with potential users will get you most of the answers.  However, even if your app is great you’ll still need to publicize it and educate people on the features. Here’s a shortlist of ideas: 

  • Ensure you tell users about the app well in advance of your event (and repeat the message several times)
  • Make your app required for attendance, check-in, or networking – eg say the agenda will only be on the app and not on a brochure
  • Use interactive features such as social news feeds, discussion forums, chat messaging. Start the ball rolling yourself with the first initial posts


Q: Can I link directly to polls, surveys, and questions from my agenda sessions? 
Yes, you have the option to enable each session to have a link to another screen where you can have a session feedback survey, have the user ask a question to take part in a live poll. You configure these buttons within your agenda settings, under the ‘Agenda features’ option. 

Q: Can I link to speaker profiles from an agenda session? 
Yes, you can but this is not a built-in feature. Please contact and we will help you set this up. 

Q: Can I create a personalized agenda for each attendee? 
Yes, you can but it is not a built-in feature. You will need to define the sessions each attendee should see in their agenda. To do this you’ll need to a column in your attendee/login data source where you label all sessions that a specific user should see. Reach out to the Customer Success team at and they can help you get this setup. 


Q: How do I set a password for users? 
If you are using a login with a password, the password needs to be set in the user’s data source. We have suggested how you should structure your data here

You can set the same password for all users if you wish. This will reduce login issues with people forgetting passwords but you should carefully consider how sensitive your data is. 

Q: I’m using a portal app and don’t want my users to have to log in twice
Just delete the login form your event app, only the portal login is needed. 

If you are using a portal app and want to have a web app then you need to set up a specific security rule for this. More about our security rules here

Live polls: 

Q: Can I take a live poll during the session? 
Yes, you can enable this in your agenda settings under Session options. Once enabled, you will need a column in your data source where you specify the screen your poll is on. 

Q: How do I set up the poll result to display on a screen?
You’ll need a separate screen for each poll result. The poll result will be displayed by one of the chart components (you can pick any that you like). The chart will need to be connected to the same data source that the poll results are saved into so that it can display the results. To get the ‘live’ results, make sure to enable the option to automatically update data every 5 seconds. 


Q: What resolution should I use for all my app Images?
Ideally, you should use a size that fits the screen size of your users and no bigger. Any bigger just means things take longer to load and take up more storage space. 

As a rule of thumb:

  • For mobile phones – 500px in width is usually fine – most phones are less than 400px wide

  • For tablet images – 1000px will cover you in most situations

  • For desktop – screens can get really wide – but will your image cover the entire width of the screen? If you have a full-width image you may need 2000px plus. 

Q: Can I make my images load faster?
The first step is to make sure you’re not trying to load a huge image when you don’t need to. Check the pixel width you need and cut your image down to size (mobile devices typically don’t need images over 500px wide). 

After you’ve cut your images to size, it’s always good practice to ensure your photos have been ‘compressed’ efficiently.  Using a free tool such as TinyPNG ( can often make your images 70% smaller. Replace the original files with compressed files to make images load 3 times faster.