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How to annotate screenshots with iOS11

Annotating screenshots is a really useful feature that Apple has introduced with iOS11.

It has multiple purposes during the app building process, such as app demonstrations or guides, and it will be a great help for troubleshooting issues/bugs in your app.  

How to can you do this? 

  1. Take a screenshot on your device. You can do this by holding and pressing the home and lock button at the same time. 

  2. Once you’ve taken your screenshot, you will see it open in the bottom left corner of your device screen

  3. Tap on this to open annotations options

  4. Your markup options include: 

    • Pen/Pencil

    • Shapes such as squares and circles

    • Arrows

    • Signatures

    • Text

    • Magnifier

  5. When you are finished with your screenshot, you can choose to send/share straight away. This is useful as you don’t necessarily want/need to save the image on your device 

  6. If you don’t tap on the screenshot right after you’ve taken it, the screenshot will be saved to your Photos and you will be able to find the Markup tools if you go into Edit > More (the three dots) > Markup

Choose files or drag and drop files
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