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The Login component


This verification option will require your users to have an email address and a password in order to get access to the app.

Setup your Login component: 

  1. Find the Login in the component list. Drag and drop the component onto your screen 

  2. When you’ve dropped this component on the screen, you’ll be able to configure the settings 

  3. First, you need to specify which data source you are using to store the login details

    • This data source will require a column for Email address and one for  Password

  4. You have the option to allow users to reset their passwords. If you tick this option, the user will be taken to a screen where they authenticate their email. If their email is in the data source the user will be sent a verification code. Once they’ve entered the verification code they will be allowed to set a new password. This password will be stored in the data source in the password field

  5. Next, set your login redirect. This will be the screen that the user lands on after logging in

  6. Click save and close 

Note: For security reasons, all passwords are required to be encrypted in order for this feature to work.

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