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How to send push notifications

You can send push notifications directly in Fliplet Studio if your app has been configured to send push notifications. 

For guides on how to configure push please see these guides for  iOS, Android, and Windows    

How to send your push notification: 

1. Open the notification window which you can find in the Fliplet studio home area, below the app name

2. To send your message, just enter a title and a message.

3. From here you'll be able to see the number of users who are signed up to receive the message. Please note that users can opt out of receiving push notifications at any time

3. Click to preview and send, here you can review your notification in the device preview. 

4. If you're happy click 'Send' and you should get a confirmation with the number of devices the notification was sent to 

How many users saw your notification?  

1. In the notifications window, click on 'Sent notifications' to view a report around the message

2. Click on your notification to expand the view 

3. Here you can see: 

  • Date/time  
  • Number of recipients - meaning the number of devices registered to receive the notification per device type
  • Number of notifications accepted for delivery - number of messages that were successfully delivered 
  • Total number sent

Please note that this feature only works in live apps and won't work in Fliplet Viewer, so you will have to publish the app with the correct push configurations in order to test the push messages. Learn how to test the notifications. 

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