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How to add users and invite colleagues to view/collaborate on your app

To invite colleagues to view or collaborate on your app, find the Manage collaborator button in the icon toolbar on the right side of Fliplet Studio.

From this page, you will be able to: 

  • Invite colleagues. Just enter your colleagues' email address and Fliplet Studio will send them an email with login details.   

  • View who has access. See a list of everyone who’s got access to the app and you’ll be able to view what type of access they have.

  • Remove/edit access. You can change a user's access at any point in time, just choose the preferred access and press save. In the same place, you can also remove access by clicking on the small x after a user’s email address and click on save changes. 

What kind of access can you give to your colleagues? 

  • Can edit & publish updates. Give this to anyone who is also working on the app and needs editing and publishing access. 

  • Can edit. Remember, if there’s more than one person with editing access 

  • Preview only. If you set their access to preview only the user will not be able to make any changes but can view the app in preview mode on Fliplet Studio as well as on Fliplet Viewer. 

Note: Once invited, all users can invite other colleagues with the same access level as themselves. Someone with editing and updating access can grant someone else to have that access, but if someone has preview app access only they can only invite others to preview.

Adding Users to your organisation: as an Admin.

As an Admin of your Organisation, you added new members to your organisation manually.

  • You will find the option to "Create new users" in your Fliplet "Account" Settings, under "Manage Organisation".

  • Once you've selected to create a new user  you'll be greeted with the following fields to fill in:
    • Email Address 
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Organisation role ( Admin or Standard)
    • Password ( you can manually input a password or auto generate a password to the account).

  • Then you can "Create user". This will generate an email to the user with their login details.
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