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How to preview your app

A guide on Fliplet Viewer and the Preview App stage of the app creation flow

To Start

To help you create a functioning app, Fliplet offers two preview features:

  • Preview App in Fliplet studio
  • Fliplet Viewer for previewing on mobile devices, (Our free app available on the app store) 

Preview Apps in Studio:

When working on Studio, The preview phase is a quick and easy method to test and review your app's functionality. 

While in preview mode all of the customisation features that you're used to in edit mode are no longer available. Meaning you can test your app as your users would, giving you some invaluable insight into your user's experiences, as well as making sure the app works.  

Fliplet Viewer: ( For mobile & tablet devices only)

Fliplet viewer is a great way to review your app and test it to makes sure it works. You can preview your app in Viewer at any time during the app build and any changes that you implement to your apps within Fliplet Studio will be automatically displayed in Fliplet Viewer. 

Fliplet also has a feature that allows you to invite your colleagues to view your apps, using their own login details via the Account settings in Fliplet Studio. 

All you need to access Fliplet Viewer:

  1. Download the app from your respective app store. ( Google Play Store | Apple App Store | Windows Store)
  2. Then sign in with your Fliplet account details.
  3. When you're ready to preview your apps.
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