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How to publish your app on Android devices

Our Guide to ensure a quick and easy publish 

When you’re ready to publish your app onto the app store, Fliplet will guide you through the process to ensure a quick and effortless app submission. 

The app stores require quite a lot of information for the submission, so we’ve written a thorough guide to help you understand what is needed of you. 

Once your app has been submitted to the app store there is a short review process before the app becomes live and available to the public. Based on our experience, the Google Play Store usually takes 1 day. 

note: app stores may ask for changes to apps or other questions which can extend these review times unexpectedly). 

Tip: if you scroll down you can Save progress and come back to finish the submission at any time. 

Publish for Google/ Android: 

Choose between 4 different distribution options, which one you choose will depend on what kind of app you’re publishing. 

  • Google Play - this will make your app publicly available, perfect for client facing apps

  • Signed APK - this will make your app available only within your company, perfect for internal apps

  • Push notifications - enable push notifications for your app. We’ve written separate articles for this, see here for iOS and Android

Below are brief explanations of all details needed for an app submission to any of the distribution options. Depending on your chosen option, you might not need all of this information. 

1. App details (required information) 

You will need to go to the App settings page to edit these fields. The information required is: 

  • App list name - Name of your app in the app store, keep it short and simple. E.g ‘New Employee Training App’ or ‘Partner Conference Event’ 
  • App icon - What icon do you want the app to have? This will be displayed on all devices, should be relevant and unique to the app/your organisation
  • Splash screen - This is the loading screen which shows up for 1-5 seconds when the app first loads. Therefore we keep it simple, common to use a company logo or image
  • Screenshots - You need to specify what screenshots you want to include in your app listing, choose screens that show off the best and most important features of your app. 
  • App Version Number
  • App Version Code - 
  • Bundle ID - This is a unique ID which is used to identify individual apps and will appear in the Google Play listing link. This value needs to be unique and the structure must be com.organisationName.appName

Example Bundle ID: com.Fliplet.PartnersConferenceApp

2. Push notification assets (optional fields if you want to enable push notifications)

  • Enter Sender ID - Enter the Sender ID which is used in the registration process to identify an app server that is permitted to send messages to the client app.
    1.  Log in to your Google developer account. The login in can be found can be found here: 
    2. Once Logged in create a new project. 
    3.  Then you will be able to find the Sender Id just above Project Dashboard The Sender Id is also referred to as the Project Id.
  • Notification icon - This is the icon that will show up on a user's device when you send a push notification. The image should be 512x512

Once you’ve entered all the information, click on Request App and we’ll build the app for you.

3. Submit your App (required)

To submit your app to the Google Play you will need to login at Google Play Console with your account details.

Once logged in, if you are starting a new submission you need to click Create Application.

Then you should follow the following steps to create a release and access the app list forms:

  1. Click App release under Release management on the left side menu.
  2. Click on Manage Production.
  3. Click on Create Release.

Now you just need to follow the steps one by one in the Google Play Console website. If you get lost at any point, Google provides extensive documentation along with the way and check our recommendations in our help articles.

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