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How to publish your app on iOS devices

Our Guide to ensure a quick and easy publish to iOS/Apple devices 

When you’re ready to publish your app onto the app store, Fliplet will guide you through the process to ensure a quick and effortless app submission.

 The app stores require quite a lot of information for the submission, so we’ve written a thorough guide to help you understand what is needed of you. 

Once your app has been submitted to the app store there is a short review process before the app becomes live and available to the public. Based on our experience, the Apple App Store can take between 8 -14 working days. 

Note: app stores may ask for changes to apps or other questions which can extend these review times unexpectedly). 

Tip: if you scroll down you can Save progress and come back to finish the submission at any time. 

  • Click on 'Edit' your app, go to the Publish tab on the right-hand side of the dashboard. 
  • We want to specifically look at Publish your app to Apple devices and choose what type of device you are publishing for. 

Publish for iOS/ Apple

Once you’ve selected to distribute your app on iOS, you will be offered three methods for distributing your apps to Apple devices and the ability to configure your app’s push notifications

  • App Store - publish to the app store, a great way to distribute to clients. 
  • Enterprise - this will make your app available only within your company, perfect for internal apps
  • Unsigned - get the app file and share it independently to anyone with an Apple device
  • Push notifications - enable push notifications for your app. We’ve written separate articles for this, see here for Windows and Android

Depending on your choice of distribution, you need to submit your app details. All the details you might need to include is explained below: 

1. App details (required)

You will need to go to the App settings page to edit these fields. The information required is: 

  • App list name - Name of your app in the app store, keep it short and simple. E.g ‘New Employee Training App’ or ‘Partner Conference Event’ . Limited to 30 characters
  • App icon - What icon do you want the app to have? This will be displayed on all devices, should be relevant and unique to the app/your organisation
  • Splash screen - This is the loading screen which shows up for 1-5 seconds when the app first loads. Therefore we keep it simple, common to use a company logo or image
  • Screenshots - You need to specify what screenshots you want to include in your app listing, choose screens that show off the best and most important features of your app. 

2. App store listing details (required)

  • App icon name - Choose the name that will appear below your app’s icon on a user's device.
  • App subtitle (optional) - limited to 30 Characters - Provide IPhone users with a brief summary of your app.
  • App description - Describe as best you can the key features of your app, what it gives to the user and why they should download the app. Include a variety of words in your app description that represent the core features of your app, so users can find your app when searching.
  • App Promotional Text (optional) - Limited to 170 Characters. - The Text that appears at the top of your description.
  • Application category & Application sub-category. - Choose which category/subcategory your app sits in. If you are not sure, here’s a full list of categories
  • Primary language. - State which is the primary language used in the app
  • Keyword. - Keywords help determine where your app displays in search results, here you can provide 7 keywords (there’s a box for each) with a limit of 30 characters 
  • Availability (countries) - Choose how many/what countries you want the app to be available in
  • Price/rating - These fields are non-editable; your app will be set to free by default and your app rating is determined by Apple based on your app type (Fliplet apps will be rated 17+ by default)
  • Support URL - Provide the URL for where users can go for support with the app
  • Marketing URL - Enter the URL if you have any marketing material that you want to include in the listing
  • Privacy policy URL - Enter the URL for your privacy policy for your app here. You are responsible for ensuring your app complies with privacy laws and regulations, and for providing a privacy policy, if required.
  • Copyright - This field is for you if you want to include additional information about copyright/trademark

2. App technical details (required)

Apple’s developer account login & password -Enter your account details and password.

BundleID - This is a unique ID3. which is used to identify individual apps and will appear in the Windows Store listing link. This value needs to be unique and the structure must be com.organisationName.appName

Example bundle ID: com.Fliplet.PartnersConferenceApp

Team ID - The Team ID is a 10-character string that’s generated by Apple to uniquely identify your team. The Team ID is used as the prefix for an App ID. If you're not sure what yours is theirs we provide a link so you can find out yours. 

3. App submission details

Email address + Reviewer notes - Your contact email address for correspondence and any notes that you wish to include for Apple’s review team (Eg: Email and Verification Code for a Registration screen)

5. Then (Finally) Request your App

Choose files or drag and drop files
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