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A guide to the home page in Fliplet Studio


What can you do from this page?

  • Browse all of your apps

    •  including apps that you have built and apps that your colleagues have given you access to

  •  Click on any app name or the Edit button to make any changes to the app, or use the ‘More’ drop down for other actions

  • Click on ‘Notifications’ if you want to send out a push notification to your app's users

    • For more info about notifications go here: 

  • Create a new app

    • You can browse our templates or start from scratch 

  • Manage app data 

    • Create a new, edit or just view any of your data sources

  • File manager 

    • View or upload all media files for your apps

    • Including photos, videos, pdfs, audio files, fonts 

  • Your account  

    • Manage your account details

    • Add security to your account with 2-factor authentication. We recommend all organisation admins do this for security. Read more here 

    • Session - view all your sessions and info

  • Manage organisation - only for Organization admins

    • Add/manage all users within your organization

    • Manage apps,  give/remove access to apps, or duplicate or delete any apps for the whole organization

    • Custom fonts let you manage or upload any the custom fonts for your organization. Any fonts 

    • Under the settings option you can change the account/organization name

Everywhere in Fliplet Studio you will have access to your live chat support - just click the chat icon in the bottom right corner and we can assist with your questions!

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